Let us sail together through the challenges of your conference planning. We’d love to be part of your crew. For a week, or a month. Or for years.

Need modular or temporary advice on certain aspects of conference management? Let us be part of your crew!

It is Conference ADVICE’s ambition to actively and reliably support you as a society by means of providing the best possible objectivity and our many years of experience. When it comes to venue selection, technical implementation, organizational and content planning and for budgetary issues, we put our know-how at your disposal.


Conference ADVICE is familiar and well experienced in live, hybrid and virtual conferencing, with all new meeting formats and in digital content platforms. We will help you transform your project (live, hybrid or virtual) into a sustainable conference.


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Scientific conference business and conference planning is a demanding industry with multiple formats. Since March 2020 it has become apparent that new formats and new ideas need to be developed permanently in order to cope with unexpected challenges of the globalized and ever-changing meeting industry. Make use of our profound industry insights when planning your future event.

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Conference ADVICE has over 25 years of international experience in the planning of scientific conferences. We are familiar with the rapid pace of technological change, the increasingly changing requirements and parameters in continuing medical and scholarly education regulations and the amendments to codes transforming the business.

Conference ADVICE is not a classic conference organizer, based on contractual long-term agreements, but rather a fresh and modular „add-on“ and an effective extension of your team for any conference-specific planning and consulting tasks.


Whenever you need a detailed picture or an evaluation of a budget, of an AV concept, about a venue/location or about your conference program / procedure / conference schedule, we would be delighted to give you our best advice.

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