„Your venue-related insights and your experience with the local networks and the Wi-Fi saved us more than 30,000 €! Thank you!“


„From our first shock about COVID in March 2020 to the closing of our online conference with 300+ talks, more than 2,000 online attendees and a virtual exhibition in less than 10 weeks! Great, thanks!“


„It’s wonderful that you are not only very familiar with planning scientific conferences, but also that you know our clientele for so long and so well to always act tactfully and with etiquette“.



Some say we’re pretty good in



Market & Budgets

We check offers of all trades at your conference project (venue pricing, technical standards, general technologies, audio-video, IT, ePosters, internet, ethernet, wifi) for market conformity and price-worthiness by using our personal experience from 25+ years of international conference planning. Our expertise saves money. And nerves. And time.

Venues & Vendors

We had them all. Over the last 25 years we have worked for conference customers with and in all industry-known technologies, vendors and venues. We therefore gained many helpful personal contacts and experiences. It is these experiences and personal contacts that opens essential “doors” for your project. We call this service „Proven Venue“ and “Proven Vendor” (IT, AV, Networks, Software).

Esteeming Communication

Familiar with all roles and tasks of scientific conference planning, we see ourselves as your personal communicator, mediator, ambassador and pusher in the creative process of conference planning. We motivate, mediate, connect, monitor and optimize for one goal: your perfect conference.

Brands & Berries

From the small but fine refresh of the association’s appearance in terms of website, logo and corporate design to the completely new media and content strategy, with „Brands & Berries“ we create the new experience that you have wanted for your association for so long.

Values & Togetherness

We are team players and we’re driven by appreciation, fair play and togetherness. We are an associated member of the „UIA – Union of International Associations“ and with our service we would like to strengthen associations in terms of organizing and running their conferences independently and inexpensively.

Being modular & inexpensive

Our service is modular and tailor-made. We work on a project or time period-defined basis and offer even a daily or weekly support (e.g. for checking quotes or joining site visits). Our output to you is always the same: a final report or a personally presented assessment of the topic being worked on. Of course, if you are satisfied we will also support you on a fix contractual basis for a longer period of time.